Stramaccioni speaks on VAR: Noted a decisive attitude and something else

In a recent conversation with DAZN, Andrea Stramaccioni commented on the incidents from the VAR in the recent Genoa-Juventus match, with his observations particularly focused on the use of VAR technology.

Stramaccioni stated his observation regarding two incidents in the game, irrespective of the decision that was made. He said, “I noticed from the VAR a very firm attitude. Communication among them is also important.” According to him, the first VAR voice was very assertive, repeatedly stating it was a foul and a yellow card on the first case, then on the penalty incident that hit the knee.

However, Stramaccioni added, “For me, it was not a penalty anyway” indicating his disagreement with the penalty decision. His comments provide a unique insight into the use of VAR technology, highlighting its influence on decision-making during football matches.

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