Stramaccioni: Mazzarri must do what he believes to improve Napoli’s situation

Following the recent match between Roma and Napoli, Andrea Stramaccioni, the coach, shared his thoughts in an interview with DAZN.

Stramaccioni offered his insights into Napoli’s current struggles, stating that despite the team being filled with strong players, their current standing as seventh on the leaderboard was undeserved.

In what Stramaccioni perceived to be a significant tactical decision, he spoke about how coach Walter Mazzarri altered the team’s formation following the expulsion of Matteo Politano from the match. “Today Mazzarri did something emblematic: after Politano’s expulsion, he changed the format and moved to a three-back defence,” he said as reported by DAZN.

Stramaccioni seemed to imply that Mazzarri felt more secure with a three-back defence. He urged Mazzarri to follow his beliefs to restore Napoli’s status, or else the team might risk stagnation.

Furthermore, he suggested that while the squad appeared to be playing with their old 4-3-3 formation, this approach seemed much less effective now. “If Mazzarri believes in this, then okay, continue strongly, but the Napoli we saw today is a Napoli that can’t do more of the things that made it the champion of Italy,” he stated.

These observations from Stramaccioni have put focus on Mazzarri’s strategic decisions and the current performance of Napoli, leaving fans and critics alike eager to see what the future holds for the Italian club.

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