Spalletti Follows Di Gregorio, Galliani Sets Market Price

Michele Di Gregorio is on the radar of Spalletti for Italy, while Monza’s owner Galliani sets the goalkeeper’s price tag.

The name of Michele Di Gregorio is one to keep a keen eye on. Spalletti’s scouts have observed the player multiple times in the past few months, with thoughts on his potential for the national team. However, it’s noteworthy that the Monza’s goalie has dismissed any interest from the Premier League.

In January, Newcastle United showed interest, but the Inter-educated goalkeeper would favour remaining in Italy. The player might attract Milan’s attention in a scenario where Mike Maignan does not extend his contract, and a high-offer comes from Aldo Rossi’s direction.

Meanwhile, Monza’s owner Galliani has already set the price for his prized player: a cool 20 million needed to secure him. This is as reported by Tuttosport.

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