Spalletti at Atreju: Schools need an hour of common sense

Italian coach, Luciano Spalletti, recently voiced his opinion on the need for civics education in schools during his appearance at Atreju.

Speaking at the event, Spalletti underlined the vital need for what he is terming, “the hour of common sense,” stating that it’s essential for the younger generation to understand the complexities of life situations and respect for different cultures and religions.

In Spalletti’s own words: “We need an hour for common sense, an hour to comprehend life situations. It’s crucial to understand that we should respect women and not harm them.”

He continued, stressing on the defence of respect and acceptance of diverse cultures and religions. The Italian coach emphasised that this particular hour spent teaching youths in schools could potentially be more important than others, “to make them understand, also through testimonies, that the first boy will leave you, the second will disappoint you, and then a third, a fourth: in other words, it is time to understand and learn also through testimonies for natural growth because some people need help.”

The significance of recognising and respecting different perspectives was a theme of Spalletti’s talk, who believes there is a grave need to educate people about accepting others’ viewpoints, values, and cultures.

This courtesy should extend, in particular, towards those who don’t share the same opinions or beliefs, he said. In an increasingly multicultural society, Spalletti argues, such lessons are more important than ever. This form of education, he hopes, can instil a sense of acceptance and togetherness within the younger generation.

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