Southgate Reveals Mourinho Told Him Something Seven Years Ago That Proved to be Correct

England manager Gareth Southgate has recounted an interesting episode involving José Mourinho during his tenure as Middlesbrough manager.

The world still talks about that Middlesbrough team, and the fact that they were relegated. Yes, in the third year it happened. But we had been in the Premier League for three years. In the world of football, there is no role that scares me after all that I have experienced as England manager. There will never be greater pressures or more complicated problems.

Southgate continued his narrative, “I remember a conversation with José Mourinho when he was at Manchester United. He told me, ‘Once you have finished your current role, you can do anything.'”

Southgate initially thought that Mourinho had a valid point. Now, seven years on from that conversation, he strongly agrees with the Portuguese tactician’s sentiments.

All quotes mentioned are translated from an interview that Gareth Southgate gave to Calcio News 24.

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