Soulé Uncertain About His Future at Juve, Dreams of Olympics Participation

In a recent interview with DSports, Juventus forward Matias Soulé revealed his uncertain future at the club, stating, “I would like to stay at Juve, but at the moment, I do not yet know what will happen.”

Discussing his aspiration to compete in the Olympics, he admitted, “The Olympics would be a dream, but I have not yet spoken with Juve, I do not know if I will stay or not. When the time comes, I will talk to them to allow me to participate.”

Regarding the Ittihad transfer rumours in January, Soulé clarified, “After the game with Cagliari, my agent quickly briefed me about the situation, just as Juve’s director of sports had done, but I immediately knew that there was no possibility of me going there.”

While Soulé has dreams of playing in the Premier League, he still harbours desires to continue his journey at Juventus expressing, “Playing in the Premier League would be a dream, even if I would like to stay at Juve.”

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