Sorrentino on Torino: Rank is fair but not bad

Former Torino goalkeeper, Stefano Sorrentino, has extensively discussed the performance of his previous club in an interview with Italian daily, La Stampa. His statements notably covered a broad perspective from the transfer market to the performance of the attackers.

Sorrentino believes that the club’s league position is rightly deserved, though not in a bad way. He commented, “The ranking is fair, but it’s not bad: you can quickly climb back up and I don’t believe we need to watch our backs.” Sorrentino, however, laid stress on the importance of goals, hinting at a potential turning point in Torino’s journey this season.

According to Sorrentino, greater success can only come if the team improves its scoring ability. Sorrentino insinuated that Torino can’t hope for significant progress unless it refrains from being one of the least scoring teams, indicating its performance even worse than Empoli. The necessity for this improvement is largely aimed at the men at the front.

However, Sorrentino was sparing in his criticism of the strikers, “We shouldn’t make the forwards solely responsible, though Zapata and Sanabria could offer more.” He hinted at the collective responsibility and indicated that the entire team, from midfielders to wingers and defenders, needs to step up to make a difference. This all-rounder performance, Sorrentino believes, could turn tides in favour of Torino for the rest of the season.

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