Sogliano calls Inter match ‘a disgraceful affair’

Verona FC’s sporting director Sean Sogliano aired his grievances during a press conference following their defeat against Inter Milan.

Sogliano bitterly criticised a controversial incident leading to Inter’s second goal, which in his view, should have been nullified. He had accused the referees of disrespecting his team and fans by not disallowing the goal despite an alleged elbow on one of their players.

Emphasising his point, he said, “I regret not being able to talk about football, but I am disappointed by the Inter 2-1 incident. I’m not a moralist. Verona comes here every year and loses at San Siro. Inter is a great team and I wish them to win the championship. But today, there has been a great lack of respect against us,” reports Internews24, an Italian news outlet.

The sporting director pointed that everyone, including referees, players, coaches, journalists, and managers stands liable to make mistakes. However, he vehemently objected to how the situation unfolded on the day, saying it was inconceivable not to cancel a goal for an elbow on their player.

“I don’t usually give interviews talking about VAR because I trust it, but today, something shameful happened,” lamented Sogliano.

Sogliano ended his remarks on a disappointing note, expressing his resentment and clearly upset that his team had been mistreated. However, he made sure not to wallow in his complaints, reassuring that everyone at Verona FC works hard every day, hinting at their determination to bounce back from this setback.

More details of Sogliano’s remarks are available on Internews24’s continued coverage of the press conference.

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