Sinner effect on football too, everyone’s talking about him

In a recent article featured in Corriere dello Sport, Renzo Furlan discussed the significant influence of Jannik Sinner in the world of sports, which extends beyond tennis and has entered even the football sphere.

Yesterday, Gianluca Rocchi, a known football match official, revealed that referees and VAR operators have been utilising mental coaches such as those employed by tennis player Jannik Sinner to tackle stress. Citing the evident positive impact on Sinner’s performance, it is a strategy that is proving fruitful.

Renzo Furlan, a seasoned tennis coach, spoke about the connection between the tennis champion from South Tyrol and football in his Corriere dello Sport column. As the Australian Open is kicking off, he has noted how Sinner’s influence is encouraging more young people to take up tennis.

Furlan was quoted saying, “There’s a significant rise in youngsters turning towards tennis, both younger and older. There’s the Davis-effect but notably, the Sinner-effect. It’s remarkable how frequently Jannik is brought up in conversations relating to other sports; he is a constant example. I’ve noticed that Stefano Pioli has mentioned him several times. Essentially, Sinner is on everyone’s lips. And Italian tennis is reaping the benefits.”

Stefano Pioli is the current head coach of AC Milan, one of Italy’s leading football teams. His mentioning of a tennis star like Sinner indicates the cross-sport appeal and impact Sinner is having.

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