Serie A spectator rankings: Inter maintains top spot

Inter Milan continues to not only dominate Italian Serie A football games but also reportedly leads in stadium attendance, consistently filling every seat at the iconic San Siro stadium.

According to figures cited by Italian publication Calcio e Finanza, Inter Milan has the highest average number of spectators at home games with an average of 72,843 supporters turning up per game at San Siro. Trailing closely behind them is AC Milan with an average attendance of 71,629 spectators per match.

AS Roma then followed with an average of 61,961 watchers per game, followed by Napoli which had an average of 47,051 spectators, Lazio with an average of 44,167, and finally Juventus who attracted an average of 40,116 fans per match.

These attendance figures show the level of fan support each club commands, thus suggesting a correlation between spectator numbers and the club’s performance. The data also seems to indicate the extent of passion and support Italian football enjoys among its followers. For Inter Milan, famous for its thrilling performances, these numbers fittingly mirror its command over the league.

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