Serie A match direction: Moviola Bologna versus Genoa

In today’s advance match of the 2023/2024 Serie A season, Bologna went head to head with Genoa. We now bring you a play-by-play breakdown of the key incidents from the red-blue derby.

A crucial moment emerged in the match at the 71st minute when Posch of Bologna team cautioned. Posch received a yellow card for tripping Genoa’s player Messias. This episode of play spelled a notable turning point in the match dynamics.

Notably, the 39th minute of the game also saw another caution. Vasquez of Bologna team was shown the yellow card. This decision was called following his continuous time-wasting on the field, which cost him the caution from the match officials.

Finally, at the 19th minute, the spotlight was on Retegui from Genoa. He challenged Bologna’s Fabbian, which led to him earning a yellow card. This event was one of the earliest turning points in the match dynamics, setting the tone for what was to come later.

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