Serie A League opposes Growth Decree, expresses shock and worry over less competitive teams

Italy’s top football league, Serie A, has expressed surprise and concern following recent news that the Growth Decree, a special tax regime for professional athletes, may not be extended, according to an official statement.

The statement indicated apprehension over circulated press rumours indicating that the Council of Ministers had decided not to approve an extension of this special tax scheme for sports workers.

The statement highlights fears that, “if confirmed, such a decision will have a single result – an outcome directly opposed to that pursued.” It would lead to less competitiveness among teams, a reduction in revenues, fewer resources allocated to nurseries, less ancillary revenue, and subsequently less revenue for the Treasury.

In the days prior, Serie A reportedly sent a detailed note to the government to argue for the extension, highlighting the potential detrimental effects on competitive balance and revenues should the special tax benefits for sporting professionals not be continued.

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