Sergio Ramos reacts against Sevilla fans – VIDEO

Seville again suffered defeat in the league and at the end of the match, Sergio Ramos had a confrontation with a fan while live on television.

“Have some respect, we’re talking. Respect the people and Seville. Respect and stay quiet. We go forward. We have to bear everything, but we understand the fans’ frustration. It’s normal: it’s been a long time since we won and we don’t give them joy,” Ramos was quoted saying on DAZN España’s live broadcast.

The Seville captain further went on to reveal his disappointment on the field, his voice raised, seemingly in frustration: “¡TEN UN POCO DE RESPETO! ¡RESPETA A LA GENTE!” which translates as “have a little respect! Respect people!” This was subsequently posted on DAZN España’s Twitter handle.

In the interview, Ramos indirectly spoke of the persistent lack of victory and the absence of moments of joy for their fans. This, he acknowledged, was a source of understandable frustration. Besides calling for respect, the Seville captain also emphasized the need for resilience despite the ongoing difficulties.

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