Semplici: Discovering Football in Arabia, Considering Future Opportunities Abroad

Unattached football manager, Leonardo Semplici, has given his insights on newer football markets and shared his thoughts on his future career to Tuttosport.

On the Saudi Arabian football leagues, Semplici noticed a difference from China’s football revolution a few years back, saying that the Saudi Arabian football movement seems more “solid”. The Tuttosport article quoted him as saying: β€œIt’s a new world, definitely something to explore and understand better. The establishment of the football movement seems solid compared to China. What we have observed so far is just the beginning of a journey.”

Regarding the Super League concept, having personally gone through the stages of winning championships from amateur levels to earning a place in Serie A, Semplici admitted the concept feels a “bit strange” to him. But he added that every system needs to be evaluated carefully, and the most important thing is that football retains its authenticity where even the underdog can win against the mighty.

Semplici spoke favourably about the English Premier League and its global reputation. “The English league has undoubtedly established itself as a leader globally thanks to a business-minded approach,” he says. “It’s become a reference model for everyone and maintains its leadership as it successfully blends sport and entertainment. It offers top-quality football and ensures world-class facilities for its performers and spectators. The Premier League is exciting to play and to watch.”

Regarding his future, Semplici revealed that he’s focusing on aspects he didn’t consider crucial before. The Tuttosport interview quotes him as saying: “In the past six months, I have turned my attention to elements that I didn’t deem so important previously. I have received a few offers, not just in Italy, but for now have chosen to decline. Today, a project and the harmony with the club are more important than the category.” He also disclosed that he’s been brushing up on his English and, while Italian football remains his priority, he’s not ruling out an overseas experience. “Life is full of surprises, who knows…” he mused.

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