Scaroni said that he has in mind that Milan must always be in the Champions League

Title: Milan President Scaroni: Champions League Qualification is Our Main Objective

Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni expressed his thoughts on the club’s current and future objectives during an interview with Sky Sport. Scaroni emphasized the importance of consistently securing a spot in the Champions League.

“When I think about Milan, I envision a team that should always be in the Champions League. That’s it, I have no other objectives,” stated Scaroni. When asked if he desires to win the Serie A title, Scaroni replied, “Yes, of course. But it is not our number one objective. We are a global powerhouse and we want our fans around the world to see us in the Champions League. That’s how I think.”

According to Scaroni, leading the league standings represents a step in the right direction towards achieving this objective. However, the Milan President admitted that nerve-wracking matches like last Saturday’s are detrimental to his heart, but overall, the team has performed well in recent times.

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