Scalvini Discusses His Strong Connection to Atalanta and Dismisses Transfer Speculations

Atalanta defender Giorgio Scalvini has opened up about his journey from the youth team to the first team in a candid chat with Tuttosport.

He shared, “Satisfaction, surprise, great emotion. I want to say thank you to all the coaches I’ve had: from the youth team to Gian Piero Gasperini, knowing that I can improve. In Zingonia, they help you grow as a footballer and as a man.”

Going on to discuss his experiences playing against Inter and Milan, Scalvini said, “San Siro is a stadium that puts pressure on you. It’s captivating, imposing. Seeing it full is something special, I played with Atalanta against Italian Champion Milan and against Inter, the Champions League finalists; in the Coppa Italia and again with the national team. I’m very excited.”

Scalvini had high praise for his current boss, stating, “Gasperini makes you grow in every way and makes you feel important: with him, you grow not only on the field, but also from a personality point of view.”

When quizzed on the transfer rumours, Scalvini said, “My contract renewal means a lot and I’m very attached to Atalanta and the Percassi family. Transfer rumours? I’m only thinking about doing well here.”

Speaking on the objectives of Atalanta, he said, “I can say that we are a great team, on and off the pitch, the relationship is wonderful. We are quite confident and whether it’s the league, Coppa Italia or the Europa League, we think one game at a time. The national team? Everything comes from the performance with Atalanta.”

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