Saudi Arabia’s Monster Offer Shakes Up Soulé’s Soccer Scenario

Over the last few days, Matias Soulé has been attracting much attention as he has reportedly received a sizeable offer from Saudi Arabia.

Soulé is currently the hot topic in football circles after Saudi Arabian club, Al Ittihad, registered their interest in the Argentine born 2003 player during this transfer market window. The club, home to stars like Benzema and Kanté, is said to have tabled a sum of £30 million for Soulé.

However, the Frosinone regular, who is owned by Juventus, is reported to have flat-out rejected Al Ittihad’s advance. “Soulé has declined any move to the Saudi club despite their lucrative offer,” a source closely linked to Juventus disclosed.

This rejection undoubtedly brings a new twist to this transfer window, and it will be particularly intriguing to watch how this impacts Soulé’s relationship with both his parent club Juventus and current club Frosinone in the coming days.

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