Sassuolo’s Thorstvedt compares football to chess, admits struggle after Inter and Juve games

Sassuolo midfielder, Kristian Thorstvedt, has shared insights into the team’s performance this season during an interview with the official Serie A broadcaster.

Thorstvedt used a chess analogy to describe his team’s dynamic. “If Sassuolo would be the black pieces on a chess board, our King is certainly Consigli because we need to protect him and work on not conceding goals,” he said. The midfielder portrayed himself as a bishop, a piece that moves diagonally, always looking for space to insert itself.

“Domenico Berardi is the Queen. He can move in any direction and likewise on the pitch, he can go wherever he pleases. Mimmo is not only a great player but also a tremendous person, who not only drives the team with his goals and assists but also has a significant influence in the locker room,” the Norwegian added.

He described the Rook as Laurient√©, who constantly shuttles across the field, often changing sides. When asked what kind of chess player the team’s coach, Dionisis, would be, the midfielder replied, “If Dionisis were a chess player, I believe he would be very aggressive and devoted to attacking.”

Speaking about the season so far, he admitted, “We didn’t start the championship as we wanted. We had some great wins against Inter and Juventus, but then we struggled. The game always favours the bigger teams, just as in chess where white always has the advantage because they move first. We always have to adapt when facing the big teams, being cautious in our defensive phase and protecting our King. But when the opponent makes a mistake, we must be ready to punish them.”

The sportsman also keenly separated chess from football in his assessment. “There’s one aspect of chess that’s not comparable with football: chess is a science,” Thorstvedt said. “It’s predictable, you already know what kind of moves will be made at a certain point, unlike football, which is unpredictable and always changing, requiring a clear mind.”

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