Sassuolo’s Dionisi: Incidents make a difference but there’s also a sour note

Sassuolo manager, Alessio Dionisi, has spoken out following the match against Empoli, in a statement that was reported by tmw.

Mr. Dionisi began by acknowledging their victory, “The victory is deserved although the incidents make the difference.” He went on to suggest that his side need to significantly improve, especially as they are not the sort of team that usually nets four goals away from home.

He praised Empoli’s resilience throughout the course of the match, and noted that there had been a number of good opportunities for his side. However, he expressed concern over their initial performance which he felt could have drastically impacted the final result.

As Dionisi later added, they need to work on not allowing such a significant setback when the ball is inactive. Empoli, he conceded, can cause difficulties if one is not skilled enough to regain possession.

The Sassuolo manager has clearly called for improvement from his team, amidst a victory that while celebrated, brought to light certain struggles within the team’s dynamics.

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