Sassuolo, Dionisi: We are the only obstacle for Fiorentina

Sassuola’s manager Alessio Dionisi has spoken ahead of the Serie A clash against Fiorentina, stressing the need to be mentally clear and focused for the game.

“The only obstacle for us in tomorrow’s game is ourselves,” Dionisi said during a press conference on the eve of the game against Fiorentina. He noted that their opponent is fourth on the league table and will have some absences.

However, Dionisi underlined that Fiorentina has a team well-prepared on both fronts, and this has been strongly reflected in their notable merrit and success.

In order for Sassuolo to pose a challenge to Fiorentina, Dionisi emphasized the need to clear their mind from negative and external influences.

“It’s an obvious thing to say because it’s not a time of positive results but we’re working to go beyond. Merely good performance isn’t enough, otherwise, I would be lying.” Pointing out that his team needs to be aware that this is only a phase, Dionisi added, “it’s possible there are some stops during the season, now it’s up to us to show that we have technical but also mental qualities.”

His comments suggested the team needs to showcase not only their technical capitaibilities but also their mental strength in order to overcome their current struggles.

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