Sassuolo, Dionisi: Performance is there, but points are lacking

Sassuolo head coach Alessio Dionisi expressed his disappointment in the team’s defeat against AC Milan at San Siro. Speaking to Sky Sport, Dionisi lamented the missed opportunity to secure at least a point from the match, despite a decent performance from his team.

“We played the right game, shot at goal, and kept the ball well. Both the players who started and those who came in off the bench did well. Unfortunately, there were some forced substitutions, but luckily, those who came off didn’t suffer severe injuries,” Dionisi said.

Nonetheless, he maintains that the team’s spirit remains undeterred, despite this being a challenging period for them. He said, “No moment is like any other. The only thing we can do is continue to perform, to play and to score points. The performances are there, points are lacking. The next match will be important with the Coppa Italia in between.”

When asked about additional reinforcements in the transfer market, Dionisi deflected the question by saying, “We need to continue working, and the transfer market isn’t for me to discuss. I have to focus on other things, and the club will make its assessments.”

Dionisi acknowledged that their position in the league could have been better. He said, “We could have had a bit more, three or four additional points, and the standings could have looked different, but the situation today is as it is. We need to continue working and try to make as few mistakes as possible.”

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