Sassuolo, Dionisi: A result that could give us a push for the future

Alessio Dionisi, Sassuolo’s head coach, has spoken about his team’s victory at home against Fiorentina. In a chat with Dazn, Dionisi shared his views on the crucial victory.

“Before this game, thinking about beating Fiorentina wasn’t easy due to our difficult moment,” Dionisi stated, reflecting on his team’s recent performance. “We’ve been delivering positive performances for a while, like our display at San Siro against Milan. We hope this result helps us for the future and gives us a positive boost.”

Dionisi expressed that the team was very determined to secure the win. Speaking about the goal that was disallowed in the match, Dionisi says he had a quick look at the replay but did not delve further. “If these kinds of goals are also being cancelled, it becomes difficult,” he added.

Underlining the pressure he faces in making decisions about team selection, Dionisi referred to player Ferrari who initially struggled for a place in the team hierarchy, but is now seeing more playing time. “We have many young players, foreigners and even players with little experience, but we have to involve them because they are here to replace those who left.”

Having a balanced approach, Dionisi extended his gratitude towards the club for their constant support. He acknowledged that the injuries hamper the squad, particularly referring to Toljan’s injury. “For us, it’s a problem, but we’ll assess it better tomorrow.”

In conclusion, Dionisi seemed to be fully aware of the responsibilities and challenges associated with his role as head coach, but remains committed to doing his best for the team. He ended the interview stating, “Sassuolo is this, and that’s fine.”

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