Sandro Veronesi: Vlahovic better in Juventus jersey than Lukaku against Roma

Renowned Italian writer and avid Juventus fan, Sandro Veronesi, has shared his insights with La Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of the team’s clash with Roma tonight.

Discussing the possible choice between Vlahovic and Lukaku, Veronesi made it clear on his preference. “I would stick with Vlahovic. Lukaku is fine where he is, Roma needed him more than we did. Without the right financial compensation, Juve was right to not swap the Serbian and the Belgian,” said Veronesi.

On the topic of Dybala, Veronesi revealed his deep affection for the player. He commented that seeing Dybala as an opponent is always heart-wrenching. He added his hope that Dybala, returning from an injury, won’t be in prime form to face Juventus.

Veronesi also spoke highly of Yildiz, a technical player who, according to the writer, is few and far between in Juventus’ squad. Veronesi voiced his hope that Yildiz will play. The 18-year-old Turkish contestant who scored an incredible goal against Frosinone is still relatively unknown to the opposition, Veronesi said, potentially making him a wildcard. The decision on how to coordinate the exchange with Chiesa will ultimately be made by Allegri, Juventus’ manager.

When asked about the comparison between Allegri and Mourinho, Veronesi opined that they both speak similar “languages”, respect, and fear each other. He believes this could make the game more cautious with less flamboyant play, but highlighted both Juventus and Roma have players capable of deciding the game at any given moment. Veronesi also stated that the return of spectators has given a boost to Juventus, amplifying the team’s intensity.

However, Veronesi rejected the notion of compromising the team’s league position to win the Coppa Italia, emphasizing that the championship should not be neglected in pursuit of cup victory.

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