Samardzic States He Holds No Regrets for Inter, Claims He was Treated Badly

Udinese midfielder, Lazar Samardzic, has opened up about the failed transfer negotiations with Inter in an interview with Cronache di Spogliatoio.

“I have learned to be glorified but also to take a few knocks. Like last summer. I personally experienced an unpleasant situation. I was negotiating with Inter, but then nothing happened. It was August, I remember well, and nothing else was read about. When the first problems arose, I opened my phone and found many insults in the chat,” said Samardzic.

Every hour they increased. Every comment on my profile spoke of that. I immediately said to myself: ‘Laki, calm down. It’s normal.’ The fans are people, and not all people are the same. Right then, I promised myself to look ahead and turn those insults into a drive to get even stronger,” he recalled.

However, what hurt Samardzic the most were the fans who disparaged his father, accusing him of thinking only about money and ruining his career. “Nothing could be further from the truth. We spoke a lot during those days. And in the end, after all that chaos, I looked inside myself and realised that I didn’t regret how things went, or not going to Inter. I grew up from that situation, a moment that I lived through and that hurt me,” he revealed.

“I can say that when you’re targeted by haters, you should neither fall nor give up. Rather, you should laugh it off because it’s unfortunately normal to happen. It should give you positive vibes to turn the situation around. If they aren’t happy and feel they need to insult you, know that there are just as many people ready to support you. Indeed, when I returned to Udine to train, no one made me feel bad about it. On the contrary, they welcomed me with a smile. Nothing had happened. And that’s what I needed. I came out of it bigger, that’s for sure,” concluded the Udinese midfielder.

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