Samardzic Clarifies Rumours about Inter; Comments on Juve and Napoli Situation

Lazar Samardzic, the midfield maestro for Udinese, has broken his silence about the transfer that nearly saw him move to Inter Milan. Speaking to La Repubblica about the failed bid and his future, the talented midfielder shared his perspective.

“I was close to joining Inter, then something happened, but it’s not serious,” confirmed Samardzic. The crux of the deal falling through has been riddled with speculation, with many pointed towards the involvement of his father playing a substantial role.

However, Samardzic refused to be drawn further into that line of discussion, stating, “I don’t wish to revisit the topic, or add another chapter…”

Indeed, the full circumstances behind the attempted move continue to remain shrouded in mystery, but the Udinese maestro remains resolute in focusing on his future, leaving the past behind.

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