Salernitana’s Costil loves Italy and doesn’t plan ahead for his future

Benoit Costil, the current goalkeeper for Salernitana, recently discussed his future in a conversation with Eurosport.

Questioned about his future plans, Costil stated, “I am not planning too far ahead as I am not ruling out any possibilities. The human aspect and work environment are fundamental”. He expressed his love for Italy and indicated the uncertainty of his future.

The goalkeeper further explained, “I may well stop everything at the end of the season to go and live a bit with my friends in Morbihan, on a barge for oyster farming, or continue because there is a project that makes me love it.” He added that he had no preoccupations and wanted to savour each moment passionately.

The Salernitana shot-stopper also maintained that he remains ambitious, stating, “Geographical and human aspects take precedence over everything else. Today, I am still here, competitive, and I still know how to do some interesting things. I can still last if I want to.”

Costil’s words suggest a potential stay in Italy, where he feels comfortable both personally and professionally. However, he is not completely ruling out the option of returning to his native France. His future in football seems intrinsically tied to human and geographical aspects, beyond just the realm of the sport.

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