Salernitana vs Juventus: Top and Flop performances at Arechi

After an intense match, Juventus managed a win against Salernitana during Round 19 of the Serie A 2023/24 season. Salernitana surged ahead initially thanks to star player, Maggiore, who later got himself sent off, paving the way for a comeback by Juventus with Iling Junior and Vlahovic.

Salernitana’s key performer was Sambia, the French midfielder showcased an excellent display and created a great chance, along with adding pressure to Juventus’s defence. On the Juventus’s side, Iling Junior made a remarkable impact, coming to replace a lacklustre Kostic and scored a critical goal for the club.

McKennie also put forward a highly motivated performance and did his bit to carry the team with his dedication.

However, the match wasn’t without its underwhelming performances. Kostic was on the pitch for only the first half before being relegated to the bench, but his nervy, fallible, and imprecise play marred his impact on the game. Notably, Maggiore’s performance for Salernitana was at best inconsistent- his goal laid the foundation for the team’s initial lead, but his erroneous behaviour earning him an avoidable double yellow saw him controversially sent off.

The respective teams were rated as follows; Salernitana’s players, with Sambia leading with a score of 7 were Costil 6; Daniliuc 6.5, Gyomber 6.5, Fazio 6.5; Sambia 7 (89′ Martegani sv), Legowski 6.5, Maggiore 6, Bradaric 6.5; Candreva 6, Tchaouna 6.5 (56′ Bronn 6.5); Nwanko 6 (77′ Ikwuemesi 6). Under their coach, Inzaghi. While Juventus’s players were; Szczesny 6; Gatti 5.5 (46′ Rugani 6), Bremer 6, Danilo 6; Weah 6 (81′ Nonge sv), McKennie 6.5, Nicolussi 6 (59′ Milik 6), Rabiot 6, Kostic 5 (46′ Iling Junior 6.5); Vlahovic 6.5, Yildiz 6 (68′ Miretti 6). Guided by their coach, Allegri.

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