Salernitana, Fazio on Referees: I Won’t Discuss, Shame Not to Score Points

Salernitana’s defender, Federico Fazio, has expressed his regret after their defeat against Juve during a post-match interview with Sky Sports.

Fazio lamented, “Just like the match against Milan, we could have taken some points today, but in the end, it slipped through our fingers.” Salernitana worked hard during this crucial game and even with a player down for the entire second half, they battled on bravely. “We came into the game with only about 13-14 players, dealing with absences due to the African Cup, player injuries, and illnesses,” said Fazio, citing the game’s challenges.

He rued not being able to take home any points but believes that the team’s performance over the last three games gives cause for optimism. In his own words, “The team’s approach and preparation is different now which is very positive, but it’s a shame that we couldn’t take home any points. We need to focus on our next match and on gaining future points.”

Fazio also drew comparisons to their season start, stating the team’s approach has seen a significant shift. “If we were a strong team, we could have earned some points against Juve, Milan, and in other matches. But, the league table is what it is. We must approach the games as we did today.”

As for club matters, he spoke highly of Walter Sabatini, stating, “He is the reason why I am here today. I am very confident in Walter’s work; he’s a man of football with a wealth of experience.” Fazio avoided speculation over the January transfer window, emphasizing instead on the team’s performance. “We must focus on how we’ve tackled our recent matches, not on the market.”

Regarding the referee’s decisions in the game, Fazio said: “I don’t like talking about referees, but until the 80th minute, there was no booking from their side that could be booked, for instance, Yildiz could’ve been cautioned for a similar offence. Let’s put that aside, focus on our work and approach future games as we did today.”

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