Sabatini on Salernitana: The team knows its mission

Walter Sabatini, the sporting director of Salernitana, met with the team and the coach for an initial introductory meeting yesterday. This was reported in an interview with ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’.

During the meeting, Sabatini expressed his contentment with the team’s focus and understanding of their responsibility. He also reassured them of his availability and guidance, stating, “The players seem aware of what needs to be done. If they are not doing it, I’ll tell them. It’s all about behaving a certain way, trusting each other, understanding that we have a champion amongst us. Teams grow this way, with mutual respect.”

Sabatini was also apologetic for his repeated absence, explaining it was due to health reasons. “I’ve apologised for my continuous absence, but my vertebra played a bad joke on me.” He ended optimistically, expressing his intention to return on Thursday.

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