Ruben Neves Claims There’s No Difference Between Arabia and Europe

In an exclusive interview with ‘O Jogo’, Al-Hilal’s midfielder, Ruben Neves, opened up about his experience in the Saudi Championship and even shed light on some behind-the-scenes transfer market stories that he’d been involved in.

In a shocking revelation, Neves pointed out, “Last summer I was close to joining three European clubs, but it didn’t happen. Barcelona was really quite an intense possibility. I was very close to them. To be honest, it was the same scenario with Arsenal; the deal was well-advanced but eventually fell through.”

Apart from that, Neves also drew comparisons between the Saudi and European championships. He stated, “I don’t sense any difference between the Saudi league and the European one. I have no intention of returning anytime soon. Saudi could have one of the best leagues in the world within two years. The quality of players joining here is outstanding, it feels like playing on a Playstation!”

Turning down associations with major European teams, Neves seems decided on continuing to play in the Saudi championship. Whether his predictions on the ascendancy of the Saudi league materialise remains to be seen.

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