Roma’s Tiago Pinto Jests about Dybala Clause

Before Roma’s game against Atalanta at the Olympico, General Manager Tiago Pinto discussed the transfer market and Paulo Dybala’s buy-out clause.

“Right now, the market will dictate what happens, always within the parameters set by Roma. We’ve always been able to benefit the club using a lot of creativity. As an institution, our strategic decisions are made in this manner. It’s a decision that was made some time ago and we chose to stick with it. Nothing changes because after the announcement, we signed Huijsen and arranged Solbakken. Dybala’s clause is just a bit of fun; he continues to play and enjoy himself. It’s there but it doesn’t bother us,” Pinto was quoted as saying.

Pinto’s statement indicates that the club is not concerned about Dybala’s buy-out clause and focuses on the greater good of the club in making its strategic decisions. No source was provided to corroborate this statement.

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