Roma’s De Rossi discusses market choices: Rui Patricio’s departure and Dybala’s unique situation

De Rossi will play a pivotal role in Roma’s transfer market and will have the final say on the future of the players. Rui Patricio is set to depart, while Dybala’s situation remains peculiar.

According to Angelo Mangiante, De Rossi’s influence this transfer window cannot be understated.

“De Rossi will be central to Roma’s transfer dealings and will decide the fate of the players,” Mangiante reported.

The veteran midfielder is expected to oversee significant changes in the squad.

Rui Patricio appears to be on his way out of the club.

Conversely, Paulo Dybala’s case is described as “particular,” hinting at complexities that could affect his future at Roma.

Details on Dybala’s situation are yet to be fully disclosed, but the involvement of De Rossi suggests strategic considerations are at play.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving story.

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