Roma’s confidence in Dybala grows: third consecutive day training with team

High hopes are set on the full recovery of Paulo Dybala in anticipation of the forthcoming match against Juve, reveals Sky Sport correspondent Angelo Mangiante.

Roman football stand-out, Dybala, has been reportedly working with the rest of his team in the hopes of contributing significantly under Mourinho’s guidance.

This has led to growing confidence in his full recovery ahead of the forthcoming championship match scheduled for Saturday against Juve. It’s speculated that the Argentine player may start the match against his former teammates. This is viewed as a potential crucial move considering his past on-field rapport with the opposition.

However, an official statement is yet to be released by Rome’s management confirming Dybala’s participation in the upcoming match. Rest assured, this development continues to keep football enthusiasts on their toes.

Further updates on Dybala’s performance and recovery will be provided as the match approaches. For now, all eyes are on the Argentine as he works hard towards a full comeback.

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