Roma under media silence, Di Canio calls it a ‘bad habit’

The decision by Roma not to present themselves to the media after their draw with Atalanta has sparked controversy. Former professional footballer, Paolo Di Canio, expressed his dissatisfaction on Sky Sport.

Di Canio stated, “This is not a jibe, but I will make it. Today it’s Mourinho who is a regular, but it has often happened this year that coaches have not presented themselves to the press when things don’t go well. This is not an attack on Roma, but someone needs to do something because this is a bad habit.” It’s reported by Sky Sport.

He further suggested that while he doesn’t believe in forcing post-match press appearances, it should be an obligation. Di Canio reflected that football conversations have been strikingly lacklustre this year.

Roma’s choice to maintain silence instead of confronting possible critical discussions in the event of an unfavourable outcome has incited exasperation among some sports commentators, with Di Canio leading the charge.

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