Roma Transfer Market: Mourinho instrumental in securing Huijsen

Jose Mourinho, Roma’s head coach, has played a crucial role in persuading defender Dean Huijsen to join his side, according to Corriere dello Sport.

Mourinho reportedly made personal efforts to convince Huijsen and even reached out to the player’s father himself. Donny Huijsen, an ex-player of Van Gaal’s Ajax and an acquaintance of Mourinho, received numerous phone calls from the Roma boss expressing his desire to have Huijsen on his team.

Mourinho’s persuasion seems to have played a part in altering the agreed plans between Juventus and Frosinone. Following unsuccessful talks with Bonucci, Roma made their first attempt to secure the Dutch player on 27 December. Mourinho then reportedly urged Roma’s general manager, Tiago Pinto, to make a greater effort, banking on Huijsen’s agreement.

Corriere dello Sport reports a noteworthy incident during a Juventus-Roma match, where Mourinho apparently walked up to Dean Huijsen and whispered something intriguing into his ear, believed to be related to his move to Roma.

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