Roma Penalty, Gasperini to Fourth Official: This is a Comedy

Atalanta manager Gianpiero Gasperini sought clarifications from the fourth official after a penalty was awarded in favour of AS Roma. Gasperini, evidently discontented with the decision, confronted the official and was reportedly seen uttering some words on camera during this incident.

In footage later interpreted by Italian news outlet, he is alleged to have said, “Did you even see that? This is a joke”. This was followed by match referee Aureliano affirming the penalty, which was efficiently turned into a goal by Roma’s player, Dybala.

This decision, and Gasperini’s subsequent reaction, surged a wave of debate and discussions related to this Roma-Atalanta match. Football fans and pundits alike have scrutinised referee Aureliano’s decision, making for a deeply heated aftermath following this Serie A game.

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