Roma-Napoli Ends 0-0 without Politano’s Expulsion

Despite being in their ‘best moment’, SSC Napoli let the game slide from their fingers in the face of AS Roma, in what the team’s manager Walter Mazzarri sees as a result of being reduced to 10 men. This outlook was echoed in Antonio Giordano’s commentary in the Corriere dello Sport.

The defeat of Napoli against the Giallorossi saw a major turning point in the match, as the correspondent from Corriere dello Sport, Antonio Giordano pointed out: “The decisive moment in a blocked game came when Politano reacted to Zalewski’s foul. This opened up a new and different future for Roma, one that looks encouraging.”

Giordano’s comment also points towards the mindset of the Napoli team in the aftermath of this pivotal incident. His report in the Corriere dello Sport implied that Napoli was besieged by their worst fears, leading them to become disjointed, accumulate further paranoia and ultimately collapse.

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