Roma, Mourinho: Thinking about Champions League? No, I focus game by game

After Roma’s victory over Napoli, Roma coach, Jose Mourinho, has shared his thoughts on the match with DAZN.

Mourinho said that the final game before Christmas has changed their festive vibe somewhat. He declared, “We talked about it before the match, and we managed to stay close to where we want to be. These are three points that keep us there. After just 5-10 minutes, I had the feeling that we would win. We always had control of the match, despite playing a technically superior team. We managed to take advantage of having an extra man on the pitch and deservedly won.”

Speaking about the midfield performance, Mourinho explained, “We interpreted the game to put high pressure on them. To carry out this strategy, we needed every player. Bove knew how to press but also how to drop back, he had great condition. We decided to play with Lukaku and Belotti for a more direct duel with Napoli’s defenders, creating more creativity with the substitutes. Even the defenders have pleased me. I found them more prepared, especially after a week in which I was harsh with them. Mancini is a champion, as he didn’t train all week but still played for the team.”

When asked about the Champions League aim, Mourinho stressed the importance of game-by-game management. “We have players with a difficult history: if we’re all at every match, I wouldn’t have a problem saying we’re fighting everyone for fourth place. Unfortunately, we face this challenge as well as that of financial fair play. It’s difficult to speak clearly about a goal, but the team is united, and the boys always try to do their best. Mancini is a role model for what he did today. In the market, what we can do differs from what we want, but we move forward.”

The Roma coach also addressed competition from Fiorentina and Bologna, acknowledging their excellent squads filled with versatile players. However, he assertively stated despite Roma’s current injuries, the potential return of Smalling, Dybala, and Sanches would make their team ‘fantastic’ as well.

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