Roma, Bove on Bottle Incident: I Don’t Believe it’s Normal, Authorities Will Intervene

Roma midfielder, Edoardo Bove, has discussed an incident involving a beer bottle and the match against Lazio in the Coppa Italia on Mediaset.

Bove reported being hit with a beer bottle during an incident. He said, “They threw a beer bottle at my head.” Bove did not want to make a fuss about the incident, commenting, “It did not seem right to make complaints or scenes.” He further added, “The authorities concerned will intervene because I do not think this is a normal thing,” according to the interview on Mediaset.

Speaking about the game, Bove acknowledged the team’s struggle after falling behind. “Once we fell behind, we struggled. We can definitely improve on the game, we are on the right path,” said Bove.

The footballer emphasised the disappointment over the loss but stressed on the team’s commitment to bounce back. “It hurts to lose these matches but we will start again from the strength of the group. Let’s stick together because the season is long,” he told Mediaset.

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