Roma, Bonucci Disappointed Over Failed Transfer

In a surprising turn of events, the expected transfer of Leonardo Bonucci to Roma has fallen through. Bonucci was poised to depart Union Berlin and relocate to the Italian capital, however, the deal has now been blocked, reported by Corriere dello Sport.

Bonucci, a former icon for Juventus, had reportedly agreed to the six-month contract offer, which would have seen him earn a similar amount to his guaranteed salary in Germany, a net total of one million until June. Eager to fast-track the process, the defender had even informed the German club’s executives of his readiness to relinquish his December salary.

However, all expectations halted as the anticipated switch failed to materialise. Some sources say that social media backlash from a section of Roma fans, who were against the arrival of the former Juventus symbol, may have influenced the club’s decision. There are suggestions that even the esteemed manager, Mourinho, might have been swayed by public sentiment.

However, this alone cannot explain the sudden halt of the transfer talks. The Friedkin business style, known for its astuteness, might have played a part. Bonucci, who will turn 37 in 2024, was perhaps not considered a suitable investment or even a useful reinforcement in the short term.

For Bonucci, the failed transfer is significant disappointment, as reported by Corriere dello Sport.

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