Rolando Maran: No Doubt, A New Era Can Begin in Brescia

Brescia coach, Rolando Maran, has discussed the team’s current position in Serie B with Italian daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport. Having amassed nine points in their first five matches of the season, Maran’s competent direction of the Brescia team is becoming evident.

Reflecting on his experience last year at Pisa, Maran shared his sentiments with La Gazzetta saying, “It was disappointing. I wanted to return to the field right from the start, but I had to wait. However, upon reflection, I learned a lot.”

When asked about the transition from presidents Luigi Corioni to Massimo Cellino, he expressed admiration for both, describing them as “two great presidents, with different characteristics, but true presidents, experts with great knowledge and passion.”

Discussing his experiences across different cities, Maran revealed how he’s grown fond of many of them. “It’s been a pleasure returning to every city, including Brescia, where I was welcomed with trust and affection. It’s wonderful here, I feel at home,” he said.

On the topic of Brescia’s modern approach to football, Maran said that he spent the time not coaching watching numerous games and analysing. “It was inspiring. I started envisioning various field coverages and more offensive solutions with a greater tactical rigour,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Asked about the upcoming January transfer window, Maran seemed unfazed. He didn’t consider it an issue saying, “We need to define our objectives, it’s not a priority.”

Speaking about the potential for Brescia’s long-term growth, Maran sounded optimistic. “Considering our current performance, I have no doubts. I returned not thinking about the time, but to undertake a journey. Alongside sporting director Castagnini, we’re looking ahead,” he stated.

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