Rocchi makes decision on Fabbri and Nasca following Inter-Verona match

What was once merely a rumour is now official. The AIA, led by Gianluca Rocchi, has made a decision regarding referees Michael Fabbri and Luigi Nasca following the Serie A match between Inter Milan and Verona.

Fabbri and Nasca, who served as the match referee and VAR official for the Inter-Verona game respectively, have been made to take a break from their duties according to Rocchi’s directive. This was reported by Italian sports outlet Tuttosport.

Rocchi has also ordered a match-day stand-down for Valerio Marini, who manned the VAR technology during the game between Sassuolo and Fiorentina. These actions underline the AIA administration and Rocchi’s commitment to maintain the highest standards in officiating, amidst intense scrutiny of refereeing in modern football.

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