Roberto Piccoli: My game was Atalanta versus Lecce

Atalanta striker, 22-year-old Roberto Piccoli, on loan to Lecce, is set to lead the team in today’s match in Bergamo, in a bid to secure points for the Salentini team. He shared his thoughts with Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Piccoli is known for his unique pre-game rituals, as he opened up, “I try to energise myself before every game by listening to Gue Pequeno…and I give myself a few slaps. It’s better to do it myself than asking Baschirotto to lend a hand, isn’t it?”

The rising footballer attributed his ability to perform towards the end of games to a strong mindset. He stated that he refuses to give up until the referee blows the whistle, adding, “As a kid, the goals scored in the 90th minute were always the most beautiful.”

When it comes to his relationship with his Atalanta coach Gasperini, Piccoli showed gratitude mixed with a degree of rivalry. He explained, “He has given me a lot but he will nevertheless be an opponent. When I left Bergamo, he explained what I lacked to compete at certain levels. Working with him is difficult but once you get used to it, you can only thank him.”

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