Reijnders still believes in Milan: championship is not over yet

Milan central midfielder Tijjani Reijnders reflected on his team’s victory against Monza in a post-match interview with Sky.

Reijnders made a poignant remark saying, “It’s an honour to play and score for me at San Siro, I’m happy.”

He acknowledged the team had experienced difficult moments but asserted their resilience, indirectly referencing their previous match against Atalanta. “We had difficult moments like with Atalanta but we managed to bounce back,” said Reijnders.

On the subject of the team’s position at the top of the Serie A table, Reijnders maintained a determined stance. He indicated that there was more to be achieved, adding, “First place? It’s not over, we’re here to continue moving forward.”

In discussing the team’s prospects in the Europa League, the midfielder emphasised the need for a positive mindset, implying a strong belief in the team’s capabilities. “In the Europa League we can do well, we obviously have to stay positive,” he mentioned.

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