Reichart: The Super League will revitalize national championships

Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22, has recently discussed the controversial Super League project with Mundo Deportivo.

Following a recent ruling from the Court of Justice, Reichart said that clubs were “taken aback by the clarity and force of the resolution” and were currently assessing the possible options this type of decision could provide to them. “It opens up a new pathway for them to directly shape their own destiny,” he had said.

With regard to the project, Reichart elaborated, “Our objective is to give the clubs an alternative and find a solution to many of the problems they’re experiencing.” He highlighted A22’s readiness to conduct dialogues with all parties and mentioned that their progress with the project has already been outlined to UEFA. In his view, given the significance of the December 21 ruling, it offers “a breath of fresh air and greater sovereignty for the clubs.”

Reichart emphasised that football clubs bear the primary responsibility for the sport and shoulder all business risks, giving them the right to make decisions about their own tournaments. He believes it is important to note that these tournaments haven’t been functioning as they should. He mentioned that A22 has been in contact with all the clubs they had approached to implement this proposal.

Engaging clubs via effective formats, providing them a voice in governance and presenting an exciting economic model is how Reichart tends to convince them. He believes that while Europe is a place where clubs and even national championships can strengthen economically through a more appealing tournament, the tournament also ensures solidity.

He concluded by revealing a desire for that tournament to have a higher standard compared to current standards, with a minimum number of guaranteed games. He added that the option of qualifying for Europe would be available through both national qualification and a good season in Europe. He concluded, “At the moment, it’s better not to speculate on dates. We want to get things right.”

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