Real Madrid’s Ancelotti backs Super League: It will be positive and improve international calendar

Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, has spoken out about the European Court of Justice’s ruling on the Super League during a press conference.

The experienced football manager, when referring to the verdict, said, “It was a significant decision for all of football, for all the clubs.” Ancelotti revealed that although some might not be convinced, he made it clear that “it cannot exist a monopoly that governs our world.”

Ancelotti then voiced his optimism about the impact of the ruling. He thinks “this will be positive. It will improve the international calendar, and that is our concern.” The Real Madrid boss strongly believes that time will prove the positive effects of the decision, adding, “I am convinced of it.”

The interview gives insight into Ancelotti’s view of the controversial Super League and the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice. The verdict is seen by many as crucial to the future governance of football and its balance of power among clubs.

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