Real Madrid Sets Eyes on Thiaw: Milan’s Transfer Market Situation Unfolds

The future of Malick Thiaw, central defender for Milan, is making the headlines due to interest from Real Madrid. To clarify, let’s delve into the details.

As reported by Bild, Real Madrid has shown interest in Malick Thiaw. Despite an unspectacular season with Milan, the German player appears to be in high regard with the Madrid leadership.

The Spanish giants could, therefore, make a viable offer in the summer. This potential development comes at a time when transfer speculation is rife ahead of the upcoming transfer window.

Thiaw, standing tall as one of the significant defensive assets at Milan, might just have caught the eye of Real Madrid’s scouting network. However, Madrid’s interest and high regard for the player’s potential seem unmarred by the lacklustre performance this season.

Stay tuned, as we continue to update you on the buildup towards the summer transfer window and the possible movement of players across clubs and leagues.

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