Rabiot reportedly rejects Juventus extension, now a free agent

Adrien Rabiot has decided not to accept Juventus’ renewal proposal: the French midfielder is now a free agent and free to seek a new club.

Rabiot will not play for Juventus next year, as he did not accept the renewal offer made by the Bianconeri.

This revelation was disclosed by Luca Marchetti on Sky Sport.

The Bianconeri, furthermore, if they finalise the Thuram deal, will …

Marchetti commented, saying, “Rabiot has declined Juventus’ renewal proposal. He’s now free to look for a new club.”

Sky Sport provided the platform for this statement.

Juventus fans are already speculating which club Rabiot might join next.

The uncertainty now lies in who will fill the gap left by Rabiot in Juventus’ midfield.

Excitement is also brewing around the potential acquisition of Thuram, which could be a major coup for the club.

Stay tuned as this transfer saga continues to unfold.

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