Pulici after Udine blunder: Expect anything if such things keep happening

Paolo Pulici, a former Italian striker, has voiced his unsettling feelings after a substantial blunder at Udine. In a shocking mix-up, his image was mistakenly displayed on the stadium’s giant screens instead of Antonio Juliano’s during a minute’s silence prior to the start of the game.

In an interview with Italian newspaper ‘La Stampa’, Pulici expressed his disappointment over the blunder. He learned about the mistake from a message delivered by a friend, since he does not follow Serie A closely now.

In the interview, he mentioned, “If something like this can happen, it shows that anything can be expected.” Although he concedes that it was an error, he admitted to being troubled by the thought of his image being used in place of someone who has passed away.

“I didn’t find it funny… They used my photo in place of a person who is no more… It’s not a nice thing to do, even though it was clearly a mistake. I can’t pass judgement on it. I played in Udine, perhaps they had my photo, and they hit the wrong button,” Pulici was quoted as saying by ‘La Stampa’.

The mix-up has shone a spotlight on the match proceedings and how careful organizers need to be even in such sensitive moments.

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