PSG’s Sergio Rico set for return: all doctors have given go-ahead, he says

PSG’s goalkeeper, Sergio Rico, is prepared to return to work under Luis Enrique following a dreadful horse riding accident. This comment was made during his interview with DAZN.

He stated, “The truth is that I feel very good, getting better every day, it feels like everything is back to how it was before the accident. I would say I’ve recovered 90%.”

He further shared his excitement to return to sports at the highest level, although admitting he is not yet at 100%. Rico said, “My feelings are very good and I can’t wait to get back to sports, to exercise my profession.”

Speaking about his recovery and plans for the future, he hinted that when he returns to 100%, he will resume training to regain his form and rejoin the team swiftly.

Displaying faith in the medical team, he noted, “All the doctors have told me that I can come back without any problems, so if they’re not scared, why should I be?” The determination in Rico’s words resonates with his desire to fully recover and return to the field.

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